Thinking about buying a Luxury home in Shimla and worried you won’t get a deal? Auramah Valley offers a wide variety of properties, in terms of luxury, price, space and facilities to suit the needs of the buyer.


Our spacious 2 BHK apartments feature generous bathrooms and sizeable balconies, with living, dining and a spacious kitchen. The super area of the apartments is around 1500-2000 sq. feet.

 Property  Carpet Area  Price
Ground Floor With Garden 1270 sq.ft Rs 1.45 Cr
First Floor 1270 sq.ft Rs 1.15 Cr
Second Floor 1270 sq.ft Rs 1.20 Cr
Third Floor 1270 sq.ft Rs 1.25 Cr
Penthouse Duplex 2000 sq.ft Rs 1.80 Cr


The 4 BHK Duplex features a large bay window and 360 degree views of the mountains. Equipped with or without an attic, a large living room, dinning, kitchen and staff rooms. The approximate super area of 4 BHK Duplex is about 3500-4400 sq. feet.

Property  Carpet Area  Price
4 BHK With Lawn  3000 sq.ft  Rs 2.70 Cr
4 BHK With Attic  4000 sq.ft  Rs 3.10 Cr


The 5 or 6 bedroom villas is equipped with significant bedrooms, bonny balconies, a large living space & a dining area along with a private lawn, a large deck, a piano lounge, a movie theater, a sports room, a private swimming pool and a conservatory. The entire villa measures around 5100 to 6000 sq. feet.

Property  Carpet Area  Price
4/5 Bedroom Villa  5000 sq.ft  Rs 5.50 Cr
5 Bedroom Villa with Attic  6000 sq.ft  Rs 6.40 Cr